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Comfortable bedroom

Modern urban housing with open-plan apartments allows future residents to decide for themselves how to zone the space, what square footage to allocate for the living room or dining room, where to equip the office and dressing room. However, many questions immediately arise. For example, how to determine the area of the bedroom? What requirements should be taken into account? Let us dwell on this topic in more detail.

Who sleeps here?

The size of the bedroom is due to many factors. First of all, it depends on who it is intended for: a child, an adult, a couple, the elderly or for guests. It should also be understood that additional areas in the room, whether dressing room or office, will require more space.

The optimal size of the children's bedroom, according to existing standards, should be 10-15 sq. m. but often it is home to several children, and, as a rule, it combines a number of other areas, such as play and study. The size of a bedroom for two people varies from 12 to 24 sq. m. If the room is larger, the design of, say, a recreation area will contribute to the preservation of comfort.


Comfort zone

Based on the size and quantity of furniture is easy to estimate the size of the bedroom. But it should be borne in mind that the bed should be protected from the wall by at least 70 cm.

The area of the bedroom for a couple is calculated as follows. Take, for example, a bed width of 150 cm and a chest of drawers width of 40 cm, and the passage between them will take 70 cm. the Result is increased by 2 or 3 times. If the ceiling height is 2.5 m, the area of the bedroom for two will be equal to 12 sq. m, and taking into account the amount of oxygen sufficient for a good rest-25 sq. m.

To elderly people easily moved around the bedroom, it is necessary to make a large and spacious, not cluttering its furniture and increasing the distance between the interior. In this case, its minimum area will be 11-13 sq. m.



What else is there in the bedroom?

If you plan to place other functional areas in the bedroom, you will have to increase its area. For example, the workplace is usually 2 square meters, and it should be located at a distance from the bed. It is best to isolate it. For this purpose, suitable decorative screen, open rack, screen or transparent curtains. A place to relax or read with an armchair and Ottoman is an additional 1.5 sq. m. and if you choose a double sofa, it will require another 3 sq. m. and remember about the free passage width of about 70 cm.

Depending on the size and functional content of the wardrobe on the dressing room should take 2-4 sq.m. by the way, visually increase the space of the bedroom will help the mirror on the wardrobe doors, but its location by the bed will prevent a restful sleep.



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